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Thousands of Job Vacancies in the Oil Industry! Apply Online Today!

Welcome to the only international, industry wide, officially recognized guide to land and offshore oil rig employment. Our information and services have helped many people get a job on an offshore oil rig.

  • LOOKING FOR A JOB ON A OFFSHORE OR LAND RIG? New Starts or experienced.
  • Don't know where to start?
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We will get your Oil Industry career off to the best possible start!

Our most common testimonial:- "This has been the best start for me. Thank you."

We have been helping people gain employment in the land and offshore oil industry since 1998. offers you the best employment placement service for the offshore oil industry available today. You can not get off to a better and faster start. 100% Guaranteed.

We uncover the best kept employment secret. Ever wonder why some unlikely guys get a job in oil and gas and you don't?

Do you want a better job? Getting a job in oil and gas is not like getting a job in any other industry! Our Job is to help you.

Our dependable services make the difference between getting a high paid oil job or not.

Make this the turning point in your life. Who knows where it could lead? In a few days you could be starting a new high paid job with infinite possibilities. Perhaps you have the ability to be in charge of over 100 people and a rig. This industry is one that really likes to promote from within. You could travel the world and get paid a massive wage with half the year off.

Every member gets a FREE professional online resume Web-page! Employers will rate you higher with your own online Resume Web-page. Warning, beware of any site that charges for an online Resume Web-page! You could get scammed!

The link we give you will allow any employer to instantly view your up to date resume. (unlimited free updates!!!) You do not ever have to send again.

Using our system is the only way to guarantee that every employer will be able to read your Resume. Warning: Many will not be able to read it if you send in any other format! (including M.S. Word, any attachment, pdf etc.).

Many other sites offer out of date information and useless or at best over-priced services. Others go to great lengths to paint themselves whiter than white when in reality they are little better than the several con merchants that have appeared in recent years. Glad you came here yet?

Your Résumé / CV to every significant oil industry company. Over 1200 of the best US and select International Oil Industry Companies!
  Companies that are known to recruit new starts.
  Addresses constantly updated, so no dead mail.
  Companies that recruit tradesmen / women.
  Offshore agencies.
  Your Résumé / CV will arrive as if you had sent it yourself.
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  Everyone gets feedback. Guaranteed.

Got a start on a rig in the Gulf. I can't believe how quick this has all worked.
Mr. Phill Smallwood (US/KY)

Don't pay for expensive resume writing services. Anyone can call themselves a "professional resume writer". In our experience these services sound good but often make little or no difference. We give you hints and tips to help you create a powerful resume yourself FREE. It's no wonder that we are the number one choice for oil and gas recruitement.

We take great pride in offering a service that takes the time and hassle out of applying for jobs on land and offshore oil rigs. You could waste many months and a lot of money trying to gather the information that we make available for you today. We do the work for you.

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If you have tried in the past to get a job, but failed, you will know why when you read our free information.

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Learn what it really takes to get a job on an offshore oil rig.

You’re going to save time, money, and aggravation. You’ll learn to avoid the mistakes and disastrous situations that you’ve been vulnerable to.

97% of people who read our newsletter E-mails say they would not have got a job without it! Including people who have worked on land and offshore rigs for years.

Thank you so much for the impressive advice. I am expecting so much from you. I will be putting my Resume with you today. God bless you and more power to your service.
Mr. Paul Kennan (US/TX)

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Here is a small selection of what you will learn:
Key points that land and offshore rig bosses love to read in the Resume / CV. This really catches the attention of bosses because you appear to be someone that knows what you are talking about or you learn real fast. Either way is good. This industry is different. You need to talk the talk.
How to make your Resume / CV powerful for the Oil Industry. Do not waste your time sending the same Resume / CV to the oil companies that you send to other companies. Our forms are short but sweet for a reason.
How to use your Cover Letter. Too many people rush this, it is vitally important. We show you how.
Key points that land and offshore rig bosses love to read in the Cover Letter.
How to push your name to the top. Like everything in life, this is easy when you know how.

Resume got sent out no problem. Far better system than I thought. Real quick and easy, and well worth the money. I would definitely recommend you to anyone.
Mr. John Felly (US/TX)

Our visitors tell us they just want an honest service which is plain and simple. Let us help you realize your dream of working on an oil rig. click here...

You can not afford to waste time and money with job sites that do nothing for you. Or those that promise the earth but still do nothing for you.

You can not afford to waste time and money with general job sites that have no idea what it takes to get a job in the land and offshore oil industry.

Great News!

Our services have been developed with non experienced computer users in mind. Everything is so easy to use.

Even Better!

Our services are available for instant use.

No waiting time, forget having to wait weeks for postal delivery of application forms.
You don't even have to wait for an E-mail.

Instant means Instant

Best Of All!

Most of our services are 100% FREE for everybody. You can use our services completely free for 90 days! Yes that's not a miss-print, we mean ninety days.

We have 100% optional advanced professional services. Due to expenses for every user, we must charge a small once only administration charge for some services only.. There is no obligation or requirement to buy any advanced professional services at any time.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. You will only regret it if you do not try. Take your first step now. click here...

This saved a lot of time. You have a very professional service. Had to write and thank you. Got a letter this morning. Start work on a drill-ship in three weeks.
Mr. Miles Cummings (US/LA)

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Is it really possible for you to get a job on an offshore oil rig? Absolutely! We help people every day achieve their dream of getting a start on land and offshore.

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Getting a job in the offshore oil industry is not like getting a job in any other industry. Our full membership professional services are designed for this industry and they really work.

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