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click here to complete your Resume / CV Welder ($62,000); Two types, first is the rig welders. They are permantly on one rig and carry out all day to day repairs and building of new metalwork. They are always busy. When there is a big project often a squad of welders are hired to finish the job quickly. These guys move from rig to rig wherever their company has a contract.
click here to complete your Resume / CV Scaffolders($57,500); are not tied to any one rig. They go to different installations depending on where their company has work.
click here to complete your Resume / CV Radio operator($62,000); Probably the easiest job in the world. Good money if you can stand it. Bring plenty books. However, it is a vital job.
click here to complete your Resume / CV Medic($69,000); They are rarely doctors but have a high level of medical training. Some are former nurses. On some smaller rigs they double up as a Rig Safety & Training Co-ordinator (RSTC). They are responsible for the upkeep of the Sick Bay and the medical stocks. Issuing medicines like a pharmicist. Most rigs now carry out medical checks on all employees every six months or so. Keeping of rig medical records. The rig also has designated first aiders in every crew.
click here to complete your Resume / CV Rig Safety & Training Co-ordinator (RSTC)($80,000); Some say, this is a well paid job for the amount of work involved. There is a lot of responsibility. A job for someone who is a good comunicator, good organisational and computer skills. You will also require full knowledge of the offshore safety laws and company policies.
click here to complete your Resume / CV Mud engineer($72,500); is in charge of the drilling fluids being used. S/he will likely have a degree in chemistry and will have a good knowledge of drilling procedures.
click here to complete your Resume / CV Materials man/woman(Storeman/woman)($59,000); Responsible for the maintenance of the stores and stock ordering and recieving. Must be computer litterate. One drawback of this comfortable job is that on smaller rigs with only one storeperson they sometimes have to get up at all hours to check the cargo coming off the boat.
click here to complete your Resume / CV Painter($57,500); Given his work from the Barge Engineer, the Painter is responsible for the rig painting program. Like the Forth Road Bridge it is a never ending job. Often working at heights with scaffolding safety harness and or work basket hoisted by the crane. Usually builds his own scaffolding. May have an assistant, especially if the rig does not have a Maintenance Roustabout squad.

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